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Welcome to The Realm!

This site is divided into five sections:
  • Home: Where you are now :) Updates about LOTR
  • Pictures: Divided into subcategories, contains pictures gleaned from all across the web.
  • Info: The latest articles and interviews with the cast and crew, as well as movie news.
  • Links: A collection of some of the best LOTR links on the net, and some of my favorite other sites.
  • Paper Dolls: This is what happens when I get bored and my roomie shows me some new code. Go on over and have fun playing with your favorite LOTR characters. :-)

***Due to my perfectionist nature, the pictures part of my site isn't totally there yet. I'm in the process of perfecting it.

Late Breaking News

The Realm is up and running!

Hi there. My name is Katrina and I'll be your guide through Middle Earth. If you want to know a little bit about myself, please click here

Some news tidbits

I'm not going to concentrate on news here, because with sites like The One Ring out there, all I'd do is be repeating myself. All I'm planning on is giving out anything that I thought was particulary interesting. Here's some little pieces of interesting news, and if you want to check out more I'd suggest going to (and bookmarking)TORN

  • Elijah Wood is currently working on a new movie, the title of which has not yet been ferreted out by nosy internet junkies. It apparently started filming in Febuary, and he costars with Franke Potente, who was amazing in Run Lola Run (if you haven't seen that movie, go ye forth to Blockbuster!). If I find out anything else, I'll post it here.

  • Viggo's latest exhibit at Track 16 galllery in Santa Monica Ca just opened. For an account of the opening of the exhibit, click here or if you just want to see a picture of Elijah with a baby go here.

  • The current web buzz says all (supposedly) of the deleted scenes from FOTR will be on the dvd...or maybe not all, I'm not sure the effects dept would want to do all that work for a dvd.

This page was created by Katrina as her first ever totally HTML page.

It was last modified Feb. 10, 2002.

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